Which mobile network is best in your area

With the new iPhone X out on the market, new Samsung Galaxy not far behind and people scrambling to find out which mobile network will offer the Google Pixel 2, people looking to upgrade their phones are spoilt for choice! Especially since we’re quickly approaching Christmas, the season of giving. However, the newest smartphone is hardly a good thing if it’s not getting service that’s comprehensive and fast in your city! We’ve compiled a list of the best mobile networks in major cities around Australia.

The mobile network for you

While there are multiple mobile network service providers in Australia, such as Virgin Mobile, amaysim, Boost and ALDImobile, these providers all operate off the bigger Optus, Telstra and Vodafone mobile networks. Basically, this means that these smaller companies buy access from the bigger companies and resell it to customers. The bigger companies make money from access fees and the smaller companies depend on lower fees and subscription rates.

The cities


Perth recently received a lot of attention for their newly named Optus Stadium. But Optus may not be the best mobile network provider for people living there. Instead, it is Telstra that provides a wider coverage area, which spans even the coast of Perth. Telstra is also able to reach more remote communities. The area in which Optus wins is in its level of coverage within its limited area. While Telstra has more patchy but widespread coverage, Optus has stronger coverage within its limited coverage area. This won’t affect customers in the immediate Perth city area but can be a point to consider for those living in remote areas. Vodafone’s meagre mobile network coverage is barely worth mentioning when compared to the other two larger mobile networks.


While the east coast receives better mobile network coverage than Western Australia, there aren’t many differences between the rating of service providers. Vodafone continues to lose out in terms of their mobile network coverage. Although, frequent sailors and beach-goers might want to consider that Vodafone does have some coverage that extends out from the Queensland shores, while Optus does not. Once again Optus proves that what they do cover, they cover well. However, Telstra is the ultimate winner in terms of coverage area although customers might lose service temporarily when exploring Queensland’s many parks. Unfortunately, this coverage is almost entirely spotty and poorly covered if you’re travelling north of Queensland, beyond Cairns or Port Douglas.


Melbourne might be the one city where all three mobile networks are somewhat equally matched. Optus and Vodafone appear to cover most of the mainland, although Vodafone does have trouble reaching the more remote communities. Once again, Telstra emerges as the winner. With mobile network coverage extending to King’s Island and even to Tasmania! You could swim from Melbourne to Flinder’s Island and then onto Musselroe Bay, Tasmania and never lose cell service! Now that’s pretty impressive. For those who like to keep our feet on solid ground, Vodafone is the surprising winner with solid 4G mobile network coverage within the immediate Melbourne vicinity!


Sydney is where Optus reigns supreme. With solid 4G coverage, even in parts of Sydney’s many national parks, the mobile network makes up for its lack of remote coverage. Telstra loses in this city due to its extremely patchy service, although truly remote communities might not have a choice as this is the only provider with access to inner New South Wales. Even its extensive sea coverage can’t make up for the lack of solid 4G mobile network service on land. Vodafone appears to have incorporated the worst parts of the Optus and Telstra networks with patchy coverage on land and lack of service on the water.


Once again Optus is the clear winner in South Australia. Although Telstra continues to provide mobile network service to customers on the water, their coverage on land is lacking. Optus wins because their service covers land and even most of Kangaroo Island. Unfortunately, Vodafone’s service area barely reaches Port Lincoln, making the poorest choice of the three mobile network providers.

Northern Territory

In this area of Australia, mobile network coverage is exceptionally poor. Even Telstra only serves a couple of spots, leaving the whole area as, more or less, a dead zone.

The smaller providers

It is important to consider the three major mobile network service providers as the smaller companies use these foundational networks. We’ve broken it down for you so you know which network you’re on and which one you might want to switch to!

·         CMOBILE blue*

·         Think mobile*

·         Boost

·         Belong

·         ALDImobile

·         Telechoice

·         Vaya

·         amaysim

·         Virgin mobile

·         Bendigo Bank Telco

·         OVO mobile

·         Moose mobile

·         Yomojo

·         Lebara

·         CMOBILE red*

·         TPG

·         Think mobile*

·         Kogan

*Please note that depending on your city, CMOBILE and Think mobile may use different networks.

The 4G debate

Although we have analysed the three big networks based on their coverage, the quality of service is also an important consideration. Optus has been estimated to provide 4G mobile network coverage to 95.9% of customers in Australia. Vodafone was a pioneer in introducing the 4G mobile network in Australia, but today, their 4G coverage sits at an estimated 95.3% in metropolitan areas. Even in this aspect, Telstra wins with 4G coverage of 98% in Australia.

Although 3G coverage serves more Australians, as it has been around longer, Australians today want faster access to information. There isn’t much of a point investing in new phones with faster processors if cellular service is going to hinder searches. It’s always a good idea to go online and check your mobile network coverage before committing to a service provider.

If you’re getting a new phone or contemplating changing your service provider, the first step is always to consider your needs. Where do you live and what do you need your phone for? If you’re a regular sailor who needs service on the open water, Telstra is your best option. However, those who spend most of their time in the city and only require fast internet connections might look to Vodafone! Those afraid of losing their number by switching, need not be concerned. With porting, you can keep your number! It couldn’t be easier and it’s all handled by your new mobile network provider.

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