How to Treat Yo Self on a Tight Budget

Last time on the Quick Online Loans Blog, we had a look at creative ways to cut costs and save a few bucks. We think budgeting is pretty important, so we’ve dedicated another blog to savvy money-saving tips. This time it’s less about money (boring!), and more about treating yo’ self. We all love spending time with family and friends, but sometimes we can lose sight of ourselves. When you add work and pesky bills to the equation, then your needs almost disappear. Soon you become a spending machine, but only on the necessaries. Groceries, bills, gifts, rent, and the list could go on. After you satisfy all the hungry beasts, there may only be pennies left for some good old fashion me-time. Well, we think it’s time that you treat yo self (even if you’re on a budget) because you’re worth it! You may be thinking that how to save money and treat yo self don’t really go hand in hand.

Ah, think again!

So, let’s find out how to treat ourselves! (on a budget).

Where it all began

The treat yo’ self mantra originated from the legendary Parks and Recreation sitcom. Since 2011, October 13th is Treat Yo’ Self day, so mark it on your calendars! Even though the Treat Yo’ Self Day only comes around once a year, the feeling it gives you can last all year round. The lesson we’ve learned from the treat yo’ self philosophy, sometimes we need to unwind, and just smother ourselves with love, instead of everyone else!

Treat yo’ self to a social life

Everyone at some point in our lives experiences a strict budget lockdown. Whether we are saving for a new car, or a home, or adventure holiday. And we start to neglect our social life. Sometimes we forget that spending time with our loved ones is the pampering a stressed soul needs. A chapmers with your squad can be the cure to any wired nerves. However, when the pockets are light, we can begin to see outings with our friends as a chore. Let how to save money and treating yo self come together and become a winning trio. It’s possible to chill with our squad and not risk spending your grocery funds.

Here are some tips on how to save money and enjoy your social life:

  • Host a potluck dinner party.

    Sharing is caring. So, gather your friends and share in some home-made goodies. This way everyone can shine. Cook what you love and share it with your friends. It’s cost effective and super delicious!

  • Have a spa day.

    In our last budgeting blog post, we outlined that DIY thinking is the key to how to save money. Well, nothing’s changed. In order to take control of your social life with loose change, learn to think DIY. Start by hosting your very own spa day. We’re talking homemade face masks, amateur massages and using essential oils lying around the house. Make use of your environment without having to pay someone else for their space.

  • DIY party.

    Who doesn’t love a party? All your friends gathered for a night of laughs and love, however, for the hostess especially, they can cost a few bucks. So, if you’re hosting a fun-filled party for your gang, head to Pinterest for all the DIY party decor tips.

  • Hang out amongst the trees.

    Spend an afternoon in a local park. Soak in the beauty of nature and enjoy a lovely picnic, complete with cheese, crackers and maybe some sneaky chocolate!

  • Volunteer together.

    Here’s something that doesn’t cost anything, your time! Give up your time to help others in need. And make a date out of it, invite all your friends for a bonding sesh, whilst spreading love and kindness in your community.

  • Game night.

    Break out the cranium, have yourself a game night. Each friend brings their favourite game for everything to enjoy. Paired with a few glasses a wine and that’s a fun (yet cheap) Saturday night.

  • Go swimming!

    Locate the nearest watering hole and dip your toes in for a refreshing (free!) experience.

  • Go to the da clubs!

    And no, we don’t mean the party clubs (they are certainly NOT free). The clubs we are thinking about are a book club, card club, wine club or anything else your passionate it.

There is a myriad of ways to enjoy your friends’ company without breaking the bank. So, let the creative juices flow!

Treat yo’ self to some fitness

We all know they say, “Healthy body, healthy mind.” Yet, when you’re reaching into your pocket for loose change, you may not be able to afford a fancy gym membership. But don’t give up on your fitness dreams yet! There are plenty of ways to treat yo self to some fitness without disseminating your budget:

  • Take advantage of your space.

    There are plenty of ways to exercise that won’t bent your budget. Try a run around your local park or a jog with a nearby friend. Once you get into the routine of exercise, it becomes second nature.

  • Buy equipment second-hand.

    If running around in circles isn’t your thing, then spice up your exercise routine with some equipment. However, as we all know, exercising equipment cost a bit more than a few pennies. So, head to the internet and hunt down some second-hand bargains!

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  • Get on them apps!

    Technology has gifted us some wonderful things, from cute videos to hilarious memes, technology is certainly a beauty. But did you think about how it can save you money? Well, good news it can! There are plenty of apps to teach you all about the latest fitness crazes. Such as Sworkit or 7 Minute Workout app. There are too many to choose from, so just pick one that you like and get going.

  • Search for studios that offer free classes.

    Some studios or gyms offer free classes as a trial. So, you can try before you buy!

  • Combine your social and your fitness.

    Join a social team! You can use it as an opportunity to make some new friends or join the team with your fitness-crazed friends. No matter where your talents lie (or how coordinated you are), a social team is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

  • Get healthy is cheap!

    Maintaining a healthy diet will help you cut costs, and improve your fitness. It’s the best of both worlds. Preparing a salad for lunch instead of heading out for a cheeky burger (no matter how delicious!).

Budget health cleanse – how to save money and eat healthily

You may think how to save money can be tricky when you want to treat yo self to a healthy diet. Everyone deserves the benefits of a healthy diet, no matter your budget. Before you shake your head in disbelief, whilst thinking of the cost of organic health food, let us show you a few money saving tips for healthy eating:

  • Plan your meals.

    As we mentioned in our last budgeting tips blog post, the key to how to save money is to unleash the meticulous planner within you. Planning your meals can help improve your diet, by cutting out those late night burger buys (we’ve all done it). Set aside a day to plan your meals for the week, then when you’re grocery shopping, remember to stick to the plan.

  • Hunt for bargains.

    When you’re planning your weekly meal plan, keep an eye on the sales of the week. See what’s on sale, then work your meal routine around savings a few bucks.

  • Utilise the power of leftovers.

    Cooking is tricky, so why not reduce the number of meals you have to cook? By utilising the power of leftovers, you can cook one big meal and live off its remains for a few days! It’s an easy way to stay healthy, and exy food costs.

  • Limit your junk food supplies.

    This may seem like an obvious health tip, however, it can always save your valuable moolah. Treating yo body to a healthy diet by reducing sugar and junk food will also treat your wallet.

  • how to save money

  • Let treats.

    Sometimes we can believe in the treat yo’ self philosophy so much, that we never stop treating ourselves! Don’t let treating yo’ self become your only motivator. Afterall, treats aren’t as rewarding if we have them all time!

Treat yo’ self to some me-time

Sometimes the most valuable time we have is me-time. When life becomes stressful, and your mind becomes busy – it’s time for some me-time. However, when people think me-time, they think expensive or simply a waste of moolah. As a result, we tend to neglect ourselves and the stress culminates and begins to affect all areas of our lives. So, here are some simple money saving tips for some much-needed me-time:

  • Get out and about the town.

    Take some time and explore your own stomping ground. Take a free walk around a beautiful spot in your neighbour. Walking amongst nature can free your mind and is completely free! Just make sure to stay sun safe.

  • Get in touch with the child within.

    Remember when playtime was the most exciting part of your day? Well, let’s bring playtime back for adults! Set aside time in your day to simply enjoy the things you love. Whether that’s a soothing bath, playing a sport, escaping into your favourite book, or whatever you look forward to a long day of work. And you can do it all in the comfort of your home!

  • DIY pamper night.

    DIY is certainly a buzzword when it comes to budgeting and treating yo self. When it comes to nailing DIY, it’s about believing in yourself and some serious internet researching. To treat yo self, set aside a night to make your own pampering products; scrubs, peels, face masks and the list could go on. You can set up an entire skin routine for yourself with just common and inexpensive household items. And hey, it’s relaxing!

  • Do something special…for yourself.

    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Don’t wait for something else to make you breakfast in bed, make it yourself!

  • Unplug.

    Sometimes the best way to treat yo self is to advance into the unknown. For a most of us, a day without social media, texting or gifing is certainly unknown territory. But why not give it a try? Replace your social media time by inviting a friend over, or just simply taking a walk, read a book or some other activity that helps you relax.

How to save money and treat yo’ self

And that’s it really! It’s the secret elixir for life, how do we save money and pursue things that you love to do. Hopefully, there money saving tips opens you up to a world of unexpected, (and inexpensive), ways to Treat. Yo. Self.

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