Secure yourself a cash advance to help ease your financial worries!

cash advance

It’s a feeling almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. The stress of needing a little extra money, and not knowing where to turn. Well, you can push your worries aside. You’re in the right place. Quick Online Loans can assist you in finding a lender that can offer cash advance. A hassle-free, stress-free, fast lender-finding service!

At Quick Online Loans we understand that financial stress is the worst kind of pressure. That’s why we’ve come up with a simple solution to help you find cash advance. Our lender-finding service makes the process less overwhelming. And people with poor credit are welcome to apply. Everything online and over the phone, so it’s convenient too!

Our expert loan finding service

Quick Online Loans is not a loan provider, but we are expert loan finders. We can find you lenders who can offer you a cash advance when you need it most. Our service is great for people with poor credit or who are unsure about their eligibility of applying for a loan.

Loans for poor credit.

If you find yourself with bad credit, you may be on the lookout for an instant cash advance online, no credit check is required. Well, we are not be able to guarantee no credit checks as some lenders may still perform a credit check. However, the good news is your loan may not be rejected, solely because of bad credit. Many factors can be considered, such as your current financial circumstances and monthly income.

Loans for Centrelink clients.

Do you think that receiving Centrelink benefits will count against you? In some cases this isn’t true! Your Centrelink benefits form part of your total monthly income. So, if you receive Centrelink payments, you can apply today!

Loans up to $5,000.

We find lenders that can offer personal loans up to $5,000. So even if you have a significant financial emergency, we can help you find a loan provider. Any loans over $2,000 will require a boat, caravan, car or motorbike as security.

4 Steps to Finding a Lender

Is an urgent need for cash getting you down? We can help to relieve that financial stress! Our service assists you by finding lenders prepared to offer you a cash advance. You can get access to the money you need in four easy steps:

  1. Fill in our easy application form. Completed online it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes
  2. We look at your info and let you know ASAP if you meet the necessary criteria
  3. We begin searching for lenders who could offer you a loan
  4. If we find you a loan provider, they should be in touch shortly. They will then contact you and go over the details of your loan contract. If they approve your application and you sign the contract, the money is usually transferred straight into your account

The whole process is easy and streamlined, reducing any hassle and stress. We keep you informed every step of the way. And we’ll do our best to find a lender that can say “YES” and grant you a loan. Depending on the lender, the bank you use, and what time you apply, you could have money in your account within hours!

Are you eligible to apply for a loan?

Getting access to extra money has never been easier. You can apply even if you have bad credit. You are eligible to apply if you are or have:

  1. Over 18 years of age
  2. An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  3. An Australian mobile phone number
  4. A regular income going into your account for at least three months

Fill in our online application. After you submit your application we’ll get to work finding you a lender that can offer a cash advance. You may still apply, and get a loan if you have a poor credit record. We find lenders that can look at more than just your credit score. They can focus more on your monthly income is enough to cover loan repayments.

Even if you are on Centrelink, you don’t need to worry. There’s no judgement here! Centrelink benefits paid into your account can be seen as part of your monthly income too.

Apply for a cash advance of $500 to $5,000 today

Do you need a few hundred dollars, or is your emergency somewhat larger? Quick Online Loans is here to assist!

We can find lenders that offer cash loans from $500 to $5,000, with flexible repayment terms from three months to 24 months, depending on the amount you borrow. Our knowledge when it comes to personal loans is unique. We want to simplify and streamline the process of finding personal finance. As a reuslt, we have one application and one lender finder. Quick Online Loans could help relieve some stress and let you breathe a big sigh of relief.

Loans less than $2,000 are seen as unsecured loans. But remember larger than $2,000 may require security. You can use your boat, caravan, motorcycle or car as security. So, if you can’t provide any of these items, you’ll need keep your application at $2,000 or less.

Cash advance loans for poor credit

Poor credit record? No worries! If you need an urgent loan, but your credit record isn’t looking too healthy, we can still assist you.

If you’re looking for an instant cash advance online no credit check, you may be able to help. Although some loan providers may still reference your credit record. Your credit score gives a pretty good sign of your reliability, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing considered.

At Quick Online Loans, we understand that many people have a bad credit history. Although they currently have good financial standing.

So, some missed payments from years ago can affect your credit record for a long time. Even though you have financially recovered, it’s possible that you still have a bad credit record.

When you fill in our online application, we can find you a lender that could look at your current monthly income and expenses. They may not just judge you on your past financal troubles. We will look for lenders who are likely to say “YES” to bad credit loans.

So, why choose Quick Online Loans?

We cut out all the extra work. There’s no need to search the internet for a lender. Enlist the help of the lender finding experts instead!

Choosing Quick Online Loans to help you get that cash advance streamlines the lender-finding process. Gone are the days where you have to skip out on work early to travel to the bank. Or having to attend pointless meetings, with their fair share of hoops to jump through. Now you can apply for a lender-finder from the comfort of your couch with a cuppa in hand. Or you can apply on the go, for those moments when time is working against you.

With Quick Online Loans, you fill in one application. We search through loan providers and find you a lender that can offer a cash advance. As a result, it’s convenient, secure, and a whole lot less overwhelming.

Reduce the stress of financial worry

It’s the worst-case scenario. You moved house last year and spent your meagre savings on doing up your new spot. A recent storm has left you with a leak in your roof. With water damage to your walls and carpets. The walls should dry but the pong from the damp carpets is almost as unbearable as the worry of replacing them.
The costs to fix this ever-mounting problem stretch extend to a couple of hundred bucks. In fact, it’s more like a couple of thousand if you replace those foul-smelling carpets!

The options are running out, you may need to look at getting a loan. But how is that even possible when you have a poor credit record? Your mind is going around in circles, not seeing any way out of the problem. Your stress levels rise, you begin to feel anxious, and nothing gets done about the hole in your roof. Or the smell in the house.

Sound familiar? When you don’t have access to cash to solve the problem, it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and hopeless. No matter the emergency.

At Quick Online Loans, we take the panic out of finding a loan, by finding the lender for you! Our simple, convenient application process takes place online. We get results fast. Even if you have a poor credit record or are receiving Centrelink benefits, you can still apply. We’re experts at sourcing cash advance loans. You can get money in the bank and get that leaky roof repaired, pronto!

Do you need money in a hurry?

We can’t promise you an instant cash advance. But we can assure you that our lender-finding service is fast and convenient. Need extra cash in a hurry? Are you beginning to panic? Rest assured that Quick Online Loans is the right choice.

Quick online application. Our application form takes a few minutes to fill out. We handle everything online, so there’s no hassle for you.

We don’t leave you hanging. After you’ve applied, we let you know if you’re eligible for a loan as soon as possible. We keep you updated throughout the whole process.

We get to work fast. As soon as we have your info, we begin sourcing loan providers that can say “YES”

Speedy transfer of funds. While we can’t guarantee same day payout, many of our loan providers do offer this. Depending on how fast your bank is, you might have access to your money within hours of applying!

Cash advance for Centrelink customers

Are you on Centrelink and battling to get approved for a loan? Too intimidated to apply because you receive Centrelink benefits? Or you’re worried that your application will be rejected? Stop worrying. At Quick Online Loans, we can help you find a loan provider that can offer cash advance for Centrelink customers and get the money you need for your financial emergency!

Being on Centrelink doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unreliable or bad with finances. It also doesn’t say that you can’t apply for a loan. We can find lenders that may count your monthly Centrelink benefits count as part of your money income. As long as your total monthly income is enough and will allow you to meet your monthly loan repayment.

There’s no reason for you not to apply for our lender-finding service! So, scroll up and apply today.

Benefits of our lender-finding service

As we’ve mentioned before, at Quick Online Loans we don’t grant loans. We are experts at finding lenders who offer cash advance loans. We understand that an emergency can happen at any time, to anybody. And we’re here to try and help you find relief from financial stress. Our entire loan finding process has been made as easy as possible. It’s structured to give you hassle-free, peace of mind.

Why choose us to help you find a loan?

We’re specialists at loan finding. We know our stuff, we know the industry, and we know which loan providers are most likely to say “YES”.
Simple and convenient. Our application form is easy to fill out. Everything takes place either online or over the phone.
One application, many lenders. You apply once with us. Then, we can find you the best loan provider, as quickly as possible.
You get relief from anxiety. Trying to find a loan when you are under financial stress is completely overwhelming. We cut through all the hassle, make everything easy, and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Bad credit and all. Clients with a poor credit history are welcome to apply. We can find lenders that may just judge you on your current financial situation, not your past financial woes.

Less stress, less hassle, less sleepless nights. Fill in our easy application today and you could breathe a sigh of relief! For further info, handy budgeting tips and financial advice, like our Facebook page. Or read our blog.